Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DJ Software WOW! What are some of the uses?

The DJ Software basic requirements are a desktop computer or laptop with a reasonable amount of storage space on the hard drive for your music, at least 1 audio card for outputting the sound and a way of controlling the software either by mouse, keyboard or hardware DJ Controller.

It is a Amazing DJ tool that allows for the playback and mixing of digital music (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and Wave)
To use with just a laptop the software relying on the onboard sound card to output your audio.

DJ Software use of a deck with only DJ Controller allows you to control the software. They can be a single or twin deck setup, but generally the twin deck controllers will have a jog wheel, volume faders, cross fader, EQ knobs, play & cue buttons. DJ controller's are a MIDI controller and while some manufacturers use a MIDI interface and cables many are now commonly using USB to connect to your laptop. You still need a separate audio card for listening through your headphones and the outputting the main mix.

DJ Software gives you a lot of option to
Use turntables to control software without buying expensive hardware.

Stuck with a single audio jack on your laptop? Plug in an external USB or Firewire soundcard and take advantage of headphone cueing

DJ Software's Adjustable latency setting allows you to get the best performance from your soundcard. Sub-10 ms latencies can be reached with modern PCs.

supports a wide range of MIDI controllers, including the Hercules MK2 and RMX.

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